As fresh as it gets

Loft Caviar is packed to order, and shipped with overnight service to ensure unparalleled flavor and texture.

What People Say


The Ossetra Reserve was truly excellent. It arrived the day after I ordered it, chilled and ready to enjoy.

- Alice L.


Tastes just like the caviar I get from the Russian Market near me. You'd never know the difference.

- Tim J.


I tried the Ossetra and it was a perfect balance of salty and creamy with a distinct pop. I'll be back for more.

- Joanna A.

Two Ingredients

Sturgeon Roe and Salt.

That's it! We don't use any hidden preservatives or additives.

Quick Delivery

Overnight Shipping service and a FreshtagTM to ensure freshness. Free Shipping for orders over $245.

Premium Quality

Curated by caviar lovers, we only sell the most delicious caviar from sustainable farms all around the world.


Quality is a standard to be upheld and shared. We don't tier our pricing because our products are all equal in excellence.

A bold, bright and lasting flavor.


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