Loft Caviar

Ossetra Reserve


This Ossetra Reserve with origins in from the Caspian Sea, embodies a buttery composition that evokes the memory of sailing the ocean on a breezy day.  Each bite starts off with a briny and intense character, then leaves fresh notes of the sea lingering on the palate, with a lasting flavor distinctive of Ossetra Caviar.


On A Mission

Simplicity at it's best

Loft is designed to bring meticulously curated caviar from all over the world right to your doorstep. There's no need to sift through disappointing flavors with no pop to find your perfect caviar match. We do all that for you so you can just enjoy and let your senses soar.

Always Top Quality

We don't settle

We don't tier or grade our caviar because each type is simply perfect. No need to make you triple guess what you're getting. All our products are the best quality we can get our hands on. The rest is up to your personal taste.

Dreams or memories?

freedom in a tin

Why not let your senses run free, let them explore the corners of the earth as if they caught a ride with a friendly gust of wind. Fine caviar that delivers a satisfying pop... the breezy, salty air of the Caspian Sea... summer nights spent splashing under the stars in Europe... A wild boat ride on the coast of Japan. Don't forget to enjoy the moment.

elevate your senses

We curate roe that will leave you with lasting satisfaction. We're at your service, aiming to offer the best possible caviar experience.